14 fevereiro, 2007

Caricaturas do blues 04

Albert Collins, o Mestre da Telecaster, por Bira Dantas.

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Anônimo disse...

Sorry I can't speak, write or read portoguise but if you did the drawing it is quite good. I saw Albert Collins three times live :
1.in November 1980 in Berlin in a relativ small club before a crowd of 250 people. The place was packed and it was his first trip to Europe then. He was relativ unknown then and musicians like Hooker, Memphis Slim and Terry & McGhee played venues at least three times bigger with a full capacity . He had already his Icebreakers with saxplayer A.C Reed who was featured in each of the 40 minutes plus set.
Albert played his complete first Alligator LP plus some standards. He was doing the showact leaving the club and playing the guitar outside on the street using a 20m cable. The crowd was enthusiastic.
When I saw him the next time it was in Munich in the Olympic Hall before a crowd of about 5000 to 6000. He was at a Jazz Festival (in summer 1981) which lasted two days and he was a substitute for Lightning Hopkins who fell ill. Because of that he was announced on the posters and even some of the programmes had Hopkins still announced. The set was not as good as the first time I saw him but nevertheless good. I remember his bassplayer Johnny B. Gaden did his Bass solo and broke two string but still managed to get out some good music. A.C. Reed did one song. The set last about 40 minutes. The main act was by the way Dexter Gordon and - to close the evening- Chuck Berry.
The last time I saw him perform was in 1982 or 1983. He was set to play in a venue with the capacity of 4000 but because of the few customers he had to play in a small club before a full capacity crowd of about 500. The sets were pretty much the same plus some of his second Alligator record. the last time I heard him live was less than a year before his death in the early 90's. Things had changed postiv for him (the tickets were at least 4 times higher as they used to be in the early 80's) and he had a status a a rockstar then. The venue was sold out and playing in a big tent I was only able to listen to the music from the outside. He got very good critics and nobody exspected him to die.
So that was sharing my memories while you a sharing your music.
Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

Little Thin Jones disse...

Thanks to share your memories. Your histories can be a post in the blog! It's amazing.
You can translate the blog to english. Click on the flag button of Babel Fish, on the left side.
Thanks again, for the visit!

Anônimo disse...

I want to add that Albert Collins played two days in a row - friday and saturday . I was saturday there. the gig began at 10.45 pm and lasted to about 2.30 am. The next day on sunday (or was it 8 days later?) was the Chicago Blues Festival featuring Harpplayer Mojo Buford/Guitarists Johnny Dollar/Sam Lawhorn and Hip Lankchan/ Bassplayer Nick Charles und Drummer Roosevelt "snake" Shaw. Still have the flyer (30. November 1980 starting at 9.00 am at the Quartier latin) but could not go there because of lack of money. I wished I had.